Our Approach

We begin to help you create your plan for a perfect lifestyle by listening

What We Do

We offer both our personal and corporate clients a wide range of services and products that are uniquely designed to maximise their ability to achieve success in their personal financial planning.

Our personalized financial planning service assists you in understanding what is most important to you in your life and also why it’s important. We  are here to help you to identify, achieve, maintain and also increase the quality of the lifestyle you desire without having to worry about running out of funds to maintain that lifestyle no matter what happens.

Our financial analysts work with you closely to plan for where you want to be in the future by analyzing where you currently are today. You may envision a future that gives you the ability to be your own boss with more time to travel with the financial independence that lets you spend your days doing what you really enjoy. We figure out what’s most important to you and then together we set a course with a solid financial plan that gets you there.

We take into consideration any barriers that may stop you from achieving your long term plans working with you closely to put into motion the correct recommendations needed to achieve our goals. As life sometimes gets into the way of the best-laid plans our regular updates and personalized service will keep your plan on track with your goals in mind.

Once we have a clear understanding of what’s important for you we can then help you to achieve your longer-term goals by using cash flow modeling.

To build a good cash flow model we will obtain a complete understanding of your current financial position: planned expenditures, current lifestyle costs, assets, and liabilities. We assess this current position against your goals to establish your point of financial independence.

The point of your financial independence which is the point where you have enough capital here the rest of your life to maintain the desired lifestyle you deserve without worrying that you may run out of money is established through are us of sophisticated software.

Our clients come first and it is our duty to provide them with the most modern cutting edge financial advice currently available. We do so by providing our clients with up to date evidence-based investing.

Times have changed whereas financial advisors used to run after every new investment tip or try to outguess the market their results were inconsistent and often costly for their clients. It’s almost impossible to pick winning stocks that others may have overlooked consistently.  It has now been historically proven that the performance of ‘Super Star’ fund managers had more to do with luck than good judgment. Playing this old game incurs significant risks and costs that can be damaging to the long term wealth of investors.

Evidence-based investing avoids these problems by providing a disciplined structured approach by constructing a portfolio that increases wealth by capturing the profits of the whole market. This lowers costs as it also removes the emotional roller coaster of trying to come up with the next big pick to beat the market.

We have a simple approach to tax planning: Any tax we can save results in an immediate return on our client’s capital.

Our advice incorporates all aspects of tax planning and is broken down into two main areas. First, we have tax planning that relates directly to savings, profits, capital gains, and income tax. Secondly, we have tax planning around inheritance tax or accumulated wealth.

The reduction or mitigation of tax liability as it pertains to inheritance is very important to many of our clients. We help to deliver a financial plan that will pass assets on to your beneficiaries and also give you maximum asset control throughout your lifetime.

Here Is how we do it

We work closely with you, using our historically proven six-step process:

  • We spend the time getting to know you so we can understand what you want from life, and why.
  • We gather all the info we need in order to gain a solid understanding of all of your present assets and liabilities.
  • We analyze your current situation in order to identify all of the opportunities and possibilities.
  • We create a clear plan that will help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.
  • We efficiently tailor your personalized plan and put it into action.
  • We will continuously track your progress and be as personally involved as you wish us to be in managing your plan.
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